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Court Legend
Public - no fee
Public - fee based
Private - membership based
Court Index
Altadena Valley Country Club

Avondale Park

Birchtree Swim and Tennis

Birmingham Country Club (directions)

Bradford Park Tennis Courts

Brook Highland Racquet Club

Bud Newell Memorial Park (directions)

Central Tuscaloosa (directions)

Chace Lake Country Club

Eastlake Racquet Club at Lynn Park

Gardendale (directions)

George Ward Tennis Center

George Yarbrough Tennis Center

Greystone Golf and Country Club

Heatherwood Golf Club

Highland Park Racquet Club

Hoover Country Club

North Highland Park (Hueytown - directions)

Inverness Racquet Club

Inverness Cliff (directions)


James Lewis Tennis Center

Joe Tucker Park

Swim & Racquet Club at Lake Cyrus

Lakeshore Foundation Tennis Center

Lynn Tennis Center/Eastlake Racquet Club

Mountain Swim & Tennis

Old Overton Country Club (directions)

Park and Recreation Sites

Pelham Racquet Club

Pelham Tennis Center

Pine Tree Country Club

Riverchase Country Club

Samford University

SportsFirst Greystone

SportsFirst Mountain Brook

SportsFirst Trussville

Trussville Racquet Club

University of Alabama - Birmingham (UAB)

Vestavia High School (map)

Wald Park

West Homewood Park (directions)


About Courts in the Birmingham Area

The good news is that there are a tremendous number of courts in the Birmingham area.  Some are open to the public (no fee at all), some have fees and some are membership based.  The goal of this court section is to provide some basic information about the sites, where they are and how to get there.  Since there are so many in the area (32 alone that are affiliated with Parks and Recreation), it will take a while to get information about all of them!  Please visit often and encourage court site managers and pros to take advantage of our "Add/Update" link to include their site in our court index.

About the Court Index

The court index is the clickable list that appears on the left side of each page in the Court Section.  Clicking on a particular entry  will bring up information  for that site.  The symbol to the right of the court name identifies whether that site is completely open (no fee) or is fee or membership based (see legend at top of list). 

About Court Pages

There is a common format to the court pages.  We have included a photo, driving directions, a link to MapQuest to auto-generate a  map, and basic information (telephone numbers, pro's, number of courts, special events or any "of interest items" that we have received notice of).  If you choose the "MapQuest" link, click the "back" button on your browser to return to bata's court section.  Also, our directions, complete with address and phone numbers, can be printed using the "print" button on your browser toolbar.

Clickable Map

This section is still under development. This map will be the easiest way to see the distribution of tennis court sites in the Birmingham area.  The legend icons will be used to identify the site as open, fee or membership based.  The icons will be "hot," meaning clicking on them will take you to the information page for that site. 

Add/Update Info

 Use this link to either add information about a site not currently listed, or update information about a listed site.  Take me there!