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THANKS in advance, for helping to make this web site more interesting for the Birmingham Tennis community by submitting, or updating, information about a court site. 

Click on the link below to download batas court site info form. Check out the instructions on how to complete the form.

click here to download court site info form

Changed my mind, mail a form to me.

After download is complete: Click on Start-->Run from the Windows start bar, use the browse button to find the file (court.exe) that you downloaded.  Click on the "Open" button in the "Browse" window, then the "OK" button in the "Run" window.  This will open a self-extracting program.  This program will place the court.rtf file in your c:\temp directory.  A message box will pop up telling you, "1 file(s) unzipped successfully".  Next, open a word processor (like Microsoft Word), open the file named court.rtf (which is in your c:\temp directory) and follow either method described below to complete the form.

To complete the form manually: after opening the file in a word processor, print, complete and mail to address on the form.  Photos would be greatly appreciated, if available.

To complete the form electronically: after opening the file in a word processor, complete using the TAB key to go from one column field to another, use the mouse to create Xs (or the spacebar) in the check boxes.  Then attach to an e-mail and send to: info4@batatennis.com

Having Problems Downloading?  Use Mailman below to send your request in an e-mail to us, and a form will be faxed, or mailed to you!